Cancellation Policy

Last Updated: 1.1.2019

    1. OutdoorVisit Platform and customer support
      All cancellations both made by the provider (“Provider”) of the activity that you choose (“Activity”) and by you, have to be made either via Our booking platform (“Platform”) or via email to Our customer support at
    2. Cancellation Conditions
      Please note that cancellation conditions and no-show policy of each Provider are to be found in every Activity´s offer on Our Platform and also in the confirmation email or voucher (if applicable) you obtain from Us and may be different with respect to each Activity. We advise you to read the particular cancellation conditions as this Cancellation Policy carefully.
    3. Cancellation Policy
      By making an Activity reservation with a Provider, you are thereby accepting and agreeing to the provisions stated in this cancellation policy (“Cancellation Policy”), the relevant no-show policy and cancellation policy of that particular Activity provided by the respective Provider.
    4. Terms and Conditions for Customers
      This Cancellation Policy has been issued together with Terms and Conditions for Customers available at the Platform (“Terms and Conditions”). Should any matter not be specifically governed by this Cancellation Policy, the Terms and Conditions shall be applied. All definitions used in the Terms and Conditions are applicable also in the Cancellation Policy.
    1. Refund
      Unless explicitly agreed otherwise by the Provider and stated in the details of the Activity in the section “Cancellation conditions”, you can cancel your Activity at the latest 24 hours before the Activity´s estimated beginning, then you will be refunded 100% of the total sum paid for the Activity. Nonetheless, if cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the Activity, you are entitled to a 0% refund.
    2. Management of cancellations
      In case you wish to review, adjust or cancel your Activity, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein or you can do the same via your account on Our Platform or through Our customer support at
    1. Providers may also cancel Activities
      Please note that Providers may cancel any confirmed booking if the minimum number of visitors (as described in the offer of the Activity) is not reached and in exceptional cases due to unforeseeable and/or unavoidable external circumstances making it impossible, extremely difficult or too dangerous to be carried out the Activity as planned. In such situation, the Providers are under obligation to immediately inform you via Platform and the Platform will immediately process the cancellation through the Platform support.
    2. Refund
      In case of Provider´s cancellation, you will be entitled to join the activity on a different date or receive a 100% refund of the Activity´s price paid by you.
    3. Adjustment of Activity by Providers
      The Providers may also modify any booked Activity primarily, but not limited to, to adapt it to current conditions such as weather, waves, snow etc. In such case the price paid for the Activity may be fully used to cover price of the modified Activity.
    4. Late arrival cancellation
      Providers are entitled to cancel your Activity if you arrive late or do not show at the agreed meeting point to start with the Activity. If you have a delayed arrival to your Activity make sure to promptly communicate this with the respective Provider via the Platform or otherwise so they know when to expect you to avoid cancellation of your Activity or charge of the no-show fee. Our customer service department can help you if needed with informing the Provider, but We do not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of your delayed arrival.
    1. Cancellation and refund. We reserve the right to cancel any confirmed booking only in exceptional circumstances if We reasonably presume that the Activity will not be provided in necessary quality or if other important and legitimate interest occurs. In such case We will immediately notify you about the situation as well as the respective Provider. In this case you will receive a 100% refund paid by you unless the reason of the cancellation has been caused by you or lies entirely on your side, such as fraudulent or unethical action from you or your representative, suspected or illegal transition occurs etc.