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We strive to be the number one global platform for customers booking outdoor experiences online.

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Filipo Photo

Filippo Mari, Owner at Biko Adventures

"Michal, the guy behind the project, is a well-known and respected person in the Prague outdoor scene so, when he asked me to sign up my company for his outdoor portal, I accepted immediately knowing that it would be a good cooperation...and I was right.“

Northern Hikes Photo

Vít Slezák, Director at Northern Hikes

"Our cooperation with OutdoorVisit is smooth and easy. They helped us to feature our products on the website. We look forward to growing numbers of clients reached through our Cooperation."

Katerina Photo

Katerina Pavlitova, Director of Strategy at Prague City Tourism

"The team which created OutdoorVisit has been our trusted partner in creating all online and offline content related to active and outdoor tourism in Prague; they were also indispensable in making one of our promotional events – Prague in Motion, held in April 2015 – a resounding success. Their superb knowledge, great understanding of their audience and overall professionalism make Michal and team one of the best partners we have ever worked with. Their single-minded dedication, attention to detail, and responsiveness are simply exceptional."

Rick Photo

Rick Brown, Owner at Adventure 60 North

"Adventure Sixty North is happy to let Michal and Jana from OutdoorVisit know that we have really appreciated the support that these people have provided over the years. We love working with them and look forward to working with them on future projects and concepts. They are definitely one of the most adventurous couples of outdoor enthusiasts that we have met. Having provided help with our marketing for the past few years we are taking time to thank them and wish them continued success with their work.“

Martin Skuhravy Photo

Martin Skuhravý, Owner at Explore

After 10 years of experience with guiding on a mountain bike, canoe, raft and climbing instruction, I did not have great expectations concerning new clients for fall season, when Michal Tyl contacted me late in season. Though, Michal seemed motivated and especially website seemed well prepared and it seemed a lot of effort was spared with online campaigns to attract new customers. Finally there were some bookings even in October/November, which is usually already off-season for me. I really look forward to cooperate with OutdoorVisit in the next season season and there is no doubt POD / OutdoorVisit is a great project and Michal Tyl is a superb manager with great knowledge of Czech Republic incoming market.“

Marek Smolka Photo

Marek Smolka, Owner at Gibbon Slacklines CZ and SK

The cooperation with OutdoorVisit & OutdoorVisit team has always been superb. The team consists of people who love sport, outdoor and travelling, so they do what they love. But apart from being dedicated sport enthusiasts, they are also excellent and reliable business people, so that cooperation with them has always been a great synthesis of what we enjoy and what makes our living. This is what I value the most and what made it possible to cooperate on projects, which meant for us much more than just income. The results have always been above expectations and I believe that contentment was on both sides.

Oscar Photo

Oscar Comés, Director at Napra Club

"An excellent option to discover new experiences in nature.“

Chrastkova Photo

Martina Chrastkova, Co-Owner at WOK Outdoor

„Our long-term cooperation with the team from OutdoorVisit is great. The team is very flexible, pleasant and kind. Every problem has a solution in a short time."

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We work so people get more than a holiday. They get a lifetime experience.

As outdoor experts, we carefully select outdoor tours and activities combining nature, culture, and respect for the environment. With a rock-solid payment method, commitment to quality, and attention to customer care, we make the booking process as pleasant as possible to provide our customers an easy path to experiences of a lifetime.

No matter the location, we work with the most friendly, professional outdoor companies on the market, searching for those who are as crazy about their customers as they are about nature.

  • We may sit in an office, but our hearts belong to the outdoors

    We are hikers, climbers, runners, kayakers, and more, just like you. With a wide range of knowledge on all things outdoors, our team brings both expertise and passion to the table.

  • We’ve got the world in our sights

    • Our mission is to be the number one portal in the world for outdoor activity bookings.
    • We offer high-quality activities hand-picked by experts.
    • We only work with the best partners to offer our customers the top outdoor experiences in the world.
  • We bring you new customers

    Cross out “marketing costs” in your budget. We bring the customers to you, so you don’t need to worry about the time, effort, and money involved in marketing.

  • Take out the extra work of managing availability

    Whenever possible, we synchronize or connect with your current reservation system or other portals to have instant booking. Any last minute deals? We promote your trips ASAP to fill your open slots.

  • No hidden costs - we only get paid if you do

    There are no registration or entry fees. Since we work on a commission basis, we only get paid if you get paid, providing you with an easy and transparent overview.

  • Onboarding is a breeze

    • We keep it simple. Almost no work is required from your side.
    • You only need to provide us with basic information and we will take professional care of your texts and pictures.
  • Don’t change a thing about your prices

    We set up your dynamic pricing just the way you need it in terms of group size, age, etc., so there’s no need to adjust your price structure.

  • Your time is important.

    • We take communication seriously. Seriously fast, seriously respectful, and seriously friendly.
    • There’s no need to send us any invoices. All invoicing will be done from our side, so you simply collect your payment each month.
  • Customers and their questions? We love customer care!

    • As the first point of contact for clients, we answer incoming questions and address special needs.
    • Our maximum customer care saves you time and money. And quite a few emails. We are there for the booking process, frequently asked questions, rescheduling, and follow-up customer care, including cancellations and collecting reviews.
  • Secure payment upfront

    • All payment is secured in advance through a protected payment gate.
    • We use one of the most respected payment gates in the world to make the payment experience safe and easy.
    • We reduce the risk of cancellation and take the hit of installation costs & banking fees, saving you time, money, and some furrowed brows.
  • OutdooorVisit lives in the mobile-sphere

    Both the partner administration and OutdoorVisit website are available in a clean, user-friendly mobile display.

Our investors: J&T Ventures

“The OutdoorVisit team gained our confidence with their professionalism, genuine excitement, and fast execution. We are proud of how quickly they put together a high-quality, multi-national team and established cooperation with international partners. OutdoorVisit fulfills the criteria of a startup headed for success on a global level, and J&T Ventures will provide maximum support for rapid growth.”

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